Family of James Bamford & Emma Pearson


Husband: James Bamford

Wife: Emma Pearson

Marriage: 13 JUN 1874 Cotmanhay Derby England



1911 census
21 Church Street, Ilkeston
BAMFORD, James   Head  Married M 56  Colliery Bank Manager Above Ground  Derbys Ilkeston  
BAMFORD, Emma    Wife  Married F 56                                      Derbys Ilkeston 
BAMFORD, William Son   Single  M 26  Dustman For J Norman Contractor     Derbys Ilkeston
BAMFORD, Henry   Son   Single  M 17  Colliery Banksman Above Ground      Derbys Ilkeston 
BAMFORD, John    Son   Single  M 15  Colliery Banksman Above Ground      Derbys Ilkeston 
BAMFORD, Mary    Daughter      F 12  School                              Derbys Ilkeston
RG14 Piece: 20402 
Emma married for 37 years, 12 Children (9 alive, 3 dead)
1901 census
RG13 piece 3148 folio 83 page 12 schedule number 56  
Address: 21 Church St  
Civil Parish: Ilkeston  Town or Village or Hamlet: Ilkeston
Parliamentary Borough or Division: Ilkeston  
Ecclesiastical Parish: Cotmanhay  Administrative County: Derbyshire
Name           Relation Marriage Age Sex Occupation        Status     Where Born  
James Bamford  Head     M        45  M   Colliery Banksman Worker     Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Emma Bamford   Wife     M        45  F                     Undefined  Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Jane Bamford   Daughter S        19  F   Back Winder       Worker     Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Willie Bamford Son               16  M   Coal Hewer        Worker     Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Emma Bamford   Daughter S        15  F                     Undefined  Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Clara Bamford  Daughter S        10  F                     Undefined  Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Henry Bamford  Son      S        7   M                     Undefined  Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Johns Bamford  Son      S        5   M                     Undefined  Derbyshire Ilkeston  
Mary Bamford   Daughter S        2   F                     Undefined  Derbyshire Ilkeston  
1891 census index
Ilkeston RG12/2664folio 94 page 16 schedule 86
Entry Surname Forenames Age 
1     Bamford Jane      9   
2     Bamford Clara     11m
3     Bamford Eliza Ann 16  
4     Bamford Emma      35  
5     Bamford James     35  
6     Bamford Emma      4
7     Bamford Pamela    12  
8     Bamford James W   6I
1881 census
Name               Relation Marital Gender Age Birthplace                   Occupation  
James BAMFORD      Head     M       Male   26  Cotmanhay, Derby,  England   Coal Miner      
Emma BAMFORD       Wife     M       Female 25  Cotmanhay, Derby,  England         
Eliza Ann BAMFORD  Daughter U       Female 6   Cotmanhay, Derby,  England   Scholar      
Pamabour BAMFORD   Daughter         Female 2   Cotmanhay, Derby,  England         
Source Information 
 Dwelling   Botany Bay  
 Census Place Ilkeston, Derby, England  
 Family History Library Film   1341793  
 Public Records Office Reference   RG11  
 Piece / Folio   3325 / 60  
 Page Number   24  
Note - only a few households separate this entry from that of James Bamford

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