Family of John Leivers & Charlotte Fisher


Husband: John Leivers

Wife: Charlotte Fisher

Marriage: Possibly Q3 1851 Basford reg district



See John's second marriage for many of this family in 1881.
1871 census
Name             Relation Status Gender Age Birthplace     Occupation
John Leivers     Head     Widr   male    39 Notts Nuthall  Coal  miner 
Jane Leivers     Dau      Unm    female  17 Notts Greasley 
William Leivers  Son             male    15 Notts Greasley Coal  miner 
Thomas  Leivers  Son             male    12 Notts Greasley 
Sarah A Leivers  Dau             female   7 Notts Greasley 
John Leivers     Son             male     6 Notts Greasley 
Emmanuel Leivers Son             male     3 Notts Greasley 
Moses Leivers    Son             male     2 Notts Greasley 
1861 census - microfiche copies transcribed by Andrew Preece (all other Leivers in Kimberley in 1861 census held)
RG9 Piece: 2434 Folio: 38 Page: 8 sch 40
Kimberley (Parish of Greasley) 
Name              Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born
John Leivers      Head     Mar       29  Coalminer  Nottingham  - Greasley   
Charlotte Leivers Wife     Mar       28             Nottingham  - Greasley   
Alice Leivers     Dau                8   Scholar    Nottingham  - Greasley   
Jane Leivers      Dau                5   Scholar    Nottingham  - Greasley   
Sarah A Leivers   Dau                4m             Nottingham  - Greasley   
William Leivers   Son                4              Nottingham  - Greasley   
Thomas Leivers    Son                2              Nottingham  - Greasley  
2 doors along are Charlotte's parents
Note - most people in Kimberley have place of birth as Greasley - presumably the place of birth for most is Kimberley in the parish of Greasley.

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