Richard Whatley 1845 -


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: ABT 1845 Warminster WIL

Father: James Whatley

Mother: Ann Nightingale


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Wife: Paulina Giles

Marriage: Q1 1866 Warminster WIL


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Other information
1881 census
Name           Relation Marital Gender Age Birthplace                        Occupation  
R. WHATLEY     Head     M       Male   35  Warminster, Wiltshire,  England   Ag Labourer      
Pelina WHATLEY Wife     M       Female 37  Warminster, Wiltshire,  England         
Kate WHATLEY   Daur     U       Female 14  Warminster, Wiltshire,  England   Scholar      
Alice WHATLEY  Daur     U       Female 12  Warminster, Wiltshire,  England   Scholar      
Mercy WHATLEY  Daur     U       Female 9   Warminster, Wiltshire,  England   Scholar      
Oliver WHATLEY Son      U       Male   4   Warminster, Wiltshire,  England   Scholar      
Rose WHATLEY   Daur     U       Female 1   Warminster, Wiltshire,  England         
Source Information 
 Dwelling   39 Brook St  
 Census Place Warminster, Wiltshire, England  
 Family History Library Film   1341495  
 Public Records Office Reference   RG11  
 Piece / Folio   2055 / 62  
 Page Number   6  
1871 census
King Street, Warminster 
Name            Relation Status Age Sex Occupation      Birthplace
Richard Whatley Head     Mar     26   M Masons Laborer  Wiltshire  Warminster 
Polina Whatley  Wife     Mar     27   F                 Wiltshire  Warminster 
Amelia Whatley  Daur              4   F Scholar         Wiltshire  Warminster 
Alice Whatley   Daur              2   F                 Wiltshire  Warminster 
Polina Curtis   Boarder  Unm     26   F Work in field   Wiltshire  Warminster 
See James Whatley for 1851 census return
The ownner of site is descended from Richard.

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