Alexander Cruden 1809 - 1869


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Birth: 1809 Rathen ABN Scotland

Death: 26 April 1869 Overside St Fergus BAN SCT

Father: Alexander Cruden

Mother: Mary Morrice


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Wife: Isabella Ogston

Marriage: 11 February 1838 St Fergus Banff Scotland


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See F38 for 1851 and 1861 censuses
1841 census from
Surname First name   Sex Age Occupation     Where Born 
GREIG   James          M  35 Farmer         Banffshire    
GREIG   Mary           F  30                Banffshire    
GREIG   John           M   3                Banffshire    
GREIG   Alex.          M 11m                Banffshire    
GREIG   James          M 11m                Banffshire    
CRUDEN  Alex.          M  30 Male Servant   Banffshire    
SMITH   Duncan         M  20 Male Servant   Outside Census County
PARK    Will.          M  15 Male Servant   Banffshire    
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WILL   Francis         M  35 Male Servant   Banffshire    
GRANT   John           M  10 Male Servant   Banffshire    
MILNE   Isa.           F  30 Female Servant Banffshire    
ROSS    Jane           F  20 Female Servant Banffshire    
THOM    Jane           F  15 Female Servant Banffshire    
BARRACK Janet          F  13 Female Servant Banffshire

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