John Dalgarno 1838 - 1914


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: March 3,1838 Gamrie Banff

Death: 28 January, 1914 Mill of Minnonie Banff

Father: Alexander Dalgarno

Mother: Margaret Walker


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Wife: Eliza Massie

Marriage: 5 January 1863 Craigsglen King Edward Scotland


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Other information
1891 census index (provided by Pat James)
District 155 A1 Gamrie Book 4 Page 5 
John Dalgarno           52 
Eliza Dalgarno          54 
Alexander Dalgarno      29 
Jessie Dalgarno         16 
George Fordyce Dalgarno 13 
Charlotte Dalgarno      12 
Benjamin Panton Dalgarno 7 
1881 census (provided by Pat James)
District 155 A, Gamrie, Banffshire 
Mill of Minnonie 
Name               Relation Status  Age Occupation                              Where born 
John Dalgarno      Head     Married  43 Miller and Farmer of  66.5 acres arable Gamrie, Banff 
Eliza Dalgarno     Wife     Married  44                                         King Edward, Aberdeen 
Alexander Dalgarno Son      Unmarr.  19 Miller journeyman                       Gamrie 
John Dalgarno      Son      Unmarr.  18 Farm servant                            Gamrie 
Margaret Dalgarno  Dau.              14 Domestic servant                        Gamrie 
William Dalgarno   Son               12 Scholar                                 Gamrie 
Sarah Dalgarno     Dau.              10 Scholar                                 Gamrie 
Jessie Dalgarno    Dau                6 Scholar                                 Gamrie 
George Dalgarno    Son                3                                         Gamrie 
Charlotte Dalgarno Dau.               2                                         Gamrie  

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