William Henry Preece 1869 - 1943


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: 1869 Burton-on-Trent

Death: 17 June 1943

Father: William Preece

Mother: Eliza


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Wife: Sarah Ellen


More details of this family


Note: at 1901 census appears to be down as 'Price', living in Horninglow, Burton.
Info from Ian Preece (http://www.preece 67.fsnet.co.uk)
PERSON REPORT (Ref :- 70813) 
NAME : WILLIAM HENRY PREECE                      Mother  ? NOT  KNOWN                     Father ? NOT KNOWN 
Parish Records
             02/02/1943   BURTON UPON TRENT                        STS 
Will         17/06/1943   BURTON UPON TRENT                        STS     Address 84 SYDNEY STREET 
             Occupation Null                                               Value of Estate 1583.1.11 
             Other details  
             Executors           WILLIAM ERNEST PREECE 
                                 EDWARD VILLERS PREECE 

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