John Thomas Elston 1835 -


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: Jan 25 1835 Thorney CAM ENG

Father: William Elston

Mother: Susanna Provost


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Wife: Mary Elizabeth Sharman


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Wife: Sarah Frances Capps


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1881 census
Name             Relation  Status Gender Age Birthplace                    Occupation 
John T. ELSTON   Head      M      Male   47  Thorney, Cambridge,  England   Farmer 150 Acres 3 Men 2 Boys      
Sarah J. ELSTON  Wife      M      Female 49  Spalding, Lincoln,  England         
Mary E. ELSTON   Dau              Female 13  Thorney, Cambridge,  England   Scholar      
Percy C. ELSTON  Son              Male   10  Thorney, Cambridge,  England   Scholar      
Harold ELSTON    Son              Male   8   Thorney, Cambridge,  England   Scholar      
Arthur ELSTON    Son              Male   6   Thorney, Cambridge,  England   Scholar      
L.J. PASK        Governess U      Female 19  Grantham, Lincoln,  England    Governess (Teacher)      
Alice HOWE       Servant   U      Female 17  Ely, Cambridge,  England       Gen Serv      
Source Information 
 Dwelling   New Cut Farm House  
 Census Place Thorney, Cambridge, England  
 Family History Library Film   1341383  
 Public Records Office Reference   RG11  
 Piece / Folio   1599 / 9  
 Page Number   11  

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