Alexander Williamson 1850 - 1921


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: 23 December 1850 Aberdour ABD SCT

Death: April 27 1921 Culbyth New Byth ABD SCT

Father: Alexander Williamson

Mother: Elizabeth McRitchie


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Wife: Sophia Cruden

Marriage: 19 December 1875 Peterhead ABD Scotland


More details of this family


See family page for 1881 and 1901 censuses.
1891 census:
Part of an Inscription on a headstone in New Byth Churchyard Most illegible
And his father-in-Law Alexander Williamson who died Culbyth New Byth 27 April 1921 aged 71 years
Also his wife Sophia Cruden who died at The Square New Byth 18 June 1941 aged 81 [sic] years

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