Ernest Edward Bloor 1872 - 1929


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Birth: 1 Jul 1872 Beeston NTT ENG

Death: 14 Feb 1929 124 Queens Road Beeston NTT ENG

Father: David Bloor

Mother: Mary Ann Shelton


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Wife: Fanny Provost Wright

Marriage: 10 Aug 1896 Beeston Parish Church NTT ENG


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Both parents possibly adoptive. Janet Diane Preece writes
The story is that he was adopted by David Bloor. His mother is supposed to have lived at White House, Nether Street, Beeston - no name (Mrs Jones?). She had him to a 'ship's doctor'. The only reference to the adoption story I've seen is that on Ernest Edward and Fanny Provost's Marriage certificate the grooms father is listed as 'Not known at this time'. I feel that there could have been a family rift at this time as there was some story that EE was supposed to marry the invalid daughter of a family friend, instead he found his 'Miss Wright' (FP).
Nov 2002: nearest match for EE on was Ernest Edward Tomlinson, who was also not present at 1881 census.
However, having seen the birth certificate for Ernest Edward Tomlinson, he is not the same person.
30 Dec 2002: Janet Diane Preece searched Beeston and Attenborough parish records for any possibles. Best match was Ernest Edward, baptised 10 Aug 1872, Attenborough. All other fields left blank, apart form 'Jones' crossed out under parents christian names and 'Jones' not crossed out under parents' surnames. There was also a 'P' next to the record, indicating a private service - i.e. not in the church.
There is no Ernest Edward Jones aged about 9 at the 1881 census, and at time of search no records for his death on Free BMD (which admittedly only contains about 20% of registered deaths for the period 1872-1881) or his burial in Attenborough Parish records.
It thus appears that Ernest Edward Jones was a foundling, and is a good match for the adoption story.
18 Oct 2003 - the fact his wasn't registered, whilst at least some of his siblings were, also lends credence to the adoption story.
Note 1
NOTE Buried 18th February 1929 in Beeston Cemetery No. 1873 at cost of 10/- by the Vicar Norman Philips. In 1930 Edna was laid in the same grave. He was `3 weeks' laying in the front room as the ground was too frozen for the grave to be dug. Elsie claims that his hair and whiskers continued to grow.
1901 census
Address: 34 Lower Brook Street, Long Eaton 
Name           Age     Where Born              County           Civil Parish    Occupation 
Ernest Bloor   28      Notts Beeston           Derbyshire       Long Eaton      Lace Maker  
Fanny Bloor    26      Cambs Wisbeach          Derbyshire       Long Eaton    
David Bloor    1 M      Derbys Long Eaton       Derbyshire       Long Eaton    
Doris Bloor    2       Staffs Wolverhampton    Derbyshire       Long Eaton    
Harry Bloor    4       Staffs Wolverhampton    Derbyshire       Long Eaton    
1881 Census - living with father David Bloor

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