John Dennison 1821 - 1903


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: 1821 Creeton LIN ENG

Death: Q1 1903 Holbeach Reg district

Father: William Dennison

Mother: Mary Bradford


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Wife: Mary Harwood

Marriage: June 12 1848 Creeton LIN ENG


More details of this family


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1901 census
Name: John Dennison  
Relation to Head of Family/Position in the Institution: Pauper
Age last birthday: 79 
Occupation: Ordinary Agricultural Labourer  Employment Status:  Undefined 
Institution Name: Holbeach Union Workhouse  
Administrative County: Holland  
Where Born: Lincolnshire Creeton 
1891 census - staying with Anne Dennison
1851, 1871, 1881 Censuses - see family page
1841 census: No Dennisons in or around Creeton. Nearest Dennison is in Burton Coggles, and does not appear to be related.

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