Samuel Wright 1840 - 1882


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: 1840 West Walton NFK ENG

Death: 2 July 1882 Walpole St Peter NFK ENG

Father: James Wright

Mother: Frances Provost


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Wife: Jane Dennison

Marriage: 6 Dec 1874 Wisbech St Peter Parish Church CAM


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1881 census
Name            Relation Status Gender Age Birthplace                       Occupation  
Samuel WRIGHT   Patient  M      Male   33  West Walton, Norfolk,  England   Gardener (7) 
Source Information 
 Institution   London Rd "Queens Arms Hospital"  
 Census Place Kings Lynn St Margaret, Norfolk, England  
 Family History Library Film   1341482  
 Public Records Office Reference   RG11  
 Piece / Folio   2000 / 18  
 Page Number   29  
For 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 census see father James Wright. Note that Samuel's age is inconsistent in every census - he appears to age less than 10 years between each census...
Janet Diane Preece holds a letter written by Samuel to his parents in 1855. It appears to have been written as part of a school exercise. Samuel is identified as being at school in the letter, which gives his address as Wisbech.
Listed as a Green Grocer, Great South Street Wisbech in 1875 Kelly's Directory.
This agrees with the address and father's occupation fields on Fanny Provost Wright's birth certificate (also 1875)
Other Kelly's Directories
No grocer Wrights in 1864, 1869
(1871 census - no Wrights in Great South Street, No 15 uninhabited)
No grocer Wrights
(Dec 1874 - Samuel's marriage certificate gives him as a Shopkeeper in Wisbech)
Samuel Wright, green grocer, Great South Street
James Wright, shopkeeper, 15 Great South street
(Feb 1875 - FPW's birth certificate identifies Samuel Wright as green grocer at Great South Street)
James Wright, shopkeeper, 15 Great South Street
(1881 census - Thomas Wright, 'gardener' at 15 Great South Street. No obvious candidates for either James or Samuel)
Thomas Wright, shop keeper 15 Great South Street
Thomas Wright, shop keeper 15 Great South Street
Thomas Wright is now at 11 Great South Street
(1901 census - Thomas Wright, 'green grocer', age consistent with 1881, somewhere in Wisbech)
There is no mention of Samuel Wright or James Wright in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 censuses of Hilton either (viewed 27/12/02 & 11/1/03 at Huntingdon Count Record Office by Andrew Preece) - Thomas Wright and/or his parents William and Elizabeth are there though. Is it just coincidence there were 2 Wright greencgrocers on Great South Street in Wisbech?

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