William Ward 1735 - 1804


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Birth: 1735 Thorney CAM ENG

Death: May 1804

Father: Robert Ward

Mother: Mary


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Wife: Susannah Designe

Marriage: 7 November 1768 Thorney Abbey CAM ENG


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Other information
William's will identifies Abraham Provost as his 'son-in-law' and Mary Provost (Mary Randall in the will) as 'daughter-in-law'. It is assumed that in modern parlance this would be step-son and step-daughter. Since William was married to Samuel Provost's widow Susannah Designe, this provides further evidence that Abraham's father was in fact Samuel Provost.
The will made provision to his widow, but left everything in trust to his daughters Susannah Ward and Mary Ward and any children they might have. In the event of none of the granchildren reaching 21, the estate was to go to Abraham Provost and Mary Provost.
Fifty pounds bequeathed to 'his wife's kinswoman Frances Peach' 6 months after his death - presumably Frances Peach, Susannah Designe's niece.
The will appointed his brother Robert Ward, Abraham Provost and David Randall as both executors and trustees. There looks to have been some reluctance on Robert Ward's part to act as an executor - from the grant of probate it looks like he tried to resign his role and then changed his mind at the last moment.
The will gives William as a farner of Leverington, Parson Drove. The will has 3 pages and was written in April 1803. It has a codicil written in December 1803 which affects the details of the trust.

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