Abraham Provost 1767 - 1827


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: 1767 Thorney CAM ENG

Death: 20 January 1827 Thorney CAM ENG

Father: Samuel Provost

Mother: Susannah Designe


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Wife: Ann Crane

Marriage: 17 April 1792 Thorney Abbey CAM ENG


More details of this family


Note: The baptism record conflicts by information provided by Mary Elston in a letter to Percy Capps Elston in 1902, where she says her great
-grandfather (and so Abraham's father) was Samuel Provost.
William Ward's will identifies Abraham as his 'son-in-law' and Mary Provost as 'daughter-in-law'. It is assumed that in modern parlance this would be step-son and step-daughter. Since William was married to Samuel Provost's widow Susannah Designe, this provides further evidence that Abraham's father was in fact Samuel Provost.
In a similar vein, Abraham administered the estate of Susanna Ward (née Susannah Designe), and signed the bond. Susanna is named as Abraham's mother.
Will, proven at the PCC, runs to several pages. He appoints his sons and David Randall as his executors.

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