Martha Provost 1811 -


Ancestors Descendants

Birth: ABT 1811 Thorney CAM ENG

Father: Abraham Provost

Mother: Ann Crane


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Husband: James Barron

Marriage: Q3 1837


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Other information
1881 census
Name           Relation Status Gender Age Birthplace                    Occupation  
James BARRON   Head     M      Male   81  Crowland, Lincoln,  England   Farmer Of 138 Acres Employ 3 Men      
Martha BARRON  Wife     M      Female 70  Thorney, Cambridge,  England  Farmers Wife      
Ann BARRON     Daughter U      Female 37  Crowland, Lincoln,  England   Farmers Daughter      
Sam HOOTON     Visitor  U      Male   48  Gosberton, Lincoln,  England  Independent      
Source Information 
 Dwelling   Deeping St Mill House  
 Census Place Deeping St James, Lincoln, England  
 Family History Library Film   1341763  
 Public Records Office Reference   RG11  
 Piece / Folio   3199 / 64  
 Page Number   7   

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